Kamil Dziedzic - Software Engineer

Kamil Dziedzic

Kamil Dziedzic

Backend Developer, former IT Manager, and former Full-Stack Developer aspiring to become proper Software Engineer.

Will you help me?

I’m looking for opportunities to widen my knowledge, experience and expertise in software development alongside with a steady source of income to pursue my dream of building apps for the future.

Feel free to contact me via email hire@dziedzic.es or LinkedIn

What can I offer?

  • open mind
  • dedication to learn new languages and technologies
  • 12 years experience in web app development, product building and team leading
  • 4+ years experience with golang, CLI tools, REST/gRPC APIs, gomobile
  • 10+ years with MySQL, 0.5 year with Amazon DynamoDB, some experience with Memcached and MongoDB
  • 10+ years in building REST APIs
  • 5+ years with testing and TDD
  • 6+ years with developing PHP apps
  • experience with Javascript apps e.g. AngularJS and node.js, far from feeling comfortable to say I’m JS developer, but eager to work on professional apps.
  • 10+ years with Agile, Kanban and Scrum (Professional Scrum Master I, 2012)
  • communicative English with Polish accent
  • “¿Qué hora es?” level of Spanish
  • passion for photography

Skills and buzzwords

Feel free to use below list to quickly check if I might have desired skills

AWS Agile Methodologies Agile Project Management Agile Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Web Services AngularJS Backbone.js Bash CI/CD Certified Scrum Master Coaching CoffeeScript Continuous Delivery Continuous Integration DSLR Docker ElasticSearch FCE Fedora Gin Git Github Golang gRPC IT Management IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm JavaScript Jenkins JSON jQuery kubernetes Linux Mint Linux MacOS Memcached MongoDB MySQL Node.js OpenSUSE PHPUnit PHP Photography Project Management REST RabbitMQ Revel Rollerblading Scrum Software Development Symfony TDD Team Management Test Driven Development Testify TypeScript Ubuntu Unit Testing Travis Web Development webpack WebSockets XML


Most of my work belongs to my employers.
There are however three exceptions:

  1. Kata 形 is my recent toy project to show of my skills in algorithms and idiomatic Go.
  2. osin-dynamodb is a Go library which implements the storage for OSIN with Amazon DynamoDB using aws-sdk-go. I’ve created it for storing OAuth credentials in DynamoDB in one of my projects at Uniplaces.
  3. ninja-mutex Total Downloadsis a simple to use mutex implementation for php. It supports different adapters (flock, memcache, mysql, redis, …) so you can set it up as you wish. All adapters (if set up properly) can be used in multi server environment - in other words lock is shared between web servers. I’ve created it as a demo of my skills, a demo I could show on job interviews.

All those projects show some of my skills, coding standards and love for testing.

What can you offer me?

  • steady income (to eat, pay rent, read books, support my photography and other hobbies)
  • opportunity to learn new programming language
  • opportunity to work and exchange knowledge with a team of specialists
  • opportunity to share knowledge via blogs and talks
  • experience in international product building and team leading
  • experience with technologies you use
  • opportunity to learn new language (e.g. Spanish and proper English)
  • office space
  • opportunities to travel

Interested? Sent me a message!

Do you think my skills could be useful for your company or clients? Can you offer me anything from the list above?

Great! Please contact me via email hire@dziedzic.es

You might also try to check some of my online profiles:

If you are interested more in my previous adventures please feel free to scroll down for my full work history with some references.

Work History

Software Engineer


January 2017 - November 2018 (1 year, 11 months), Remote

Working on Percona Monitoring and Management

Contributed to:

Senior Software Developer


January 2016 – June 2016 (6 months), Lisbon, Portugal

I’ve designed and build REST micro-service for booking app

I’ve built OAuth server for a password less authorization

Thanks to gomobile I’ve built SDK application for Android and iOS

  • common application layer for Android and iOS mobile apps
  • simplified development as common logic could be encapsulated in library that Android and iOS developers can use in their apps
  • gomobile allows building fully native apps, but writing just a common library gives Android and iOS developers free hand at designing native frontend part of their app
Joao Aguiar, Software Engineer

I had the pleasure to work with Kamil at Uniplaces.
Soon, I was able to notice that he had a deep knowledge of the most relevant technologies that simply make things work as they should.
Kamil is a very proactive mate that can finish things nicely done within the deadlines agreed.
I believe he is a major addition in any company.

Ranveer Singh, Software Engineer

Kamil and I worked in the same team at Uniplaces.
He started the very first project in Go at Uniplaces.
He is very organized, composed and enthusiastic person
who will definitely motivate anyone to be a better programmer.
He is a very versatile technologist, always open to work with cutting edge technology.
He also mentored me and taught me a lot of the concepts of programming.
I wish him all the best and given an opportunity I would like to work with him again.
I highly recommend Kamil.

Golang Developer


January 2014 – July 2015 (1 year 7 months), Remote

I’ve made REST API in golang, for Percona Cloud Tools

  • Revel web framework for simplified routing, parameter parsing and for crash-free request processing
  • RabbitMQ and workers architecture for resource-consuming processing, scalability, responsive/non-blocking requests, high-load protection and to utilize sharding
  • WebSockets for real-time server-data analysis (websocket connection from agent/daemon installed on customer server through decentralized swarm of data collecting APIs, till user interface in his web browser)
  • micro-service architecture
  • Memcached as caching and backend for service discovery
  • Upstart for spawning and managing workers
  • tests written with gocheck and run by jenkins

Worked on percona-agent, real-time client-side agent written in golang for Percona Cloud Tools

  • collecting MySQL metrics from “show global status”, information_schema, performance_schema and slowlog
  • collecting system metrics from /proc/{stat,meminfo,vmstat,loadavg,diskstats} and from pt-summary (percona-toolkit)
  • real-time MySQL “EXPLAIN” thanks to WebSockets
  • tests written with gocheck and run by jenkins
Peter Zaitsev, Founder, CEO

Kamil has a great mix of skills as backend, frontend developer as well as understands ops/devops pretty well.
Kamil was a great team player always helping his colleagues when asked.
Kamil has a great ability to find simple practical solutions to complicated problems

Vadim Tkachenko, CTO / Co-founder

Kamil is a senior backend engineer, he did a major work in percona-agent and Percona backend layer.
Kamil showed a deep understand of how to design systems and make an implementation.

Nika Krupitskaya, Project Manager

Kamil showed expert level of Go lang knowledge, high quality of work and critical architecture mind.
Beside of that Kamil is 1) showing good skills on debugging problems 2) analytic mind with clear explanation of problem and ability to ask right questions and suggest right solutions on the base of answers 3) very attentive to users of the system and support engineers with helping them to solve problems.
Also Kamil is showing good discipline, very attentive to team mates and giving a hand for everyone who needs his expert view.
And in addition what is most important for manager’s view to the team - nice and interesting person.

Carlos Salguero, Developer

Kamil is a very talented developer and a good friend.
He has a deep knowledge of Go and other programming languages as well
and that turns him in a good fit for almost any project you can imagine.
Careful about details, always trying to reach 110% of test coverage and always willing to help,
I’ve really enjoyed working with him.
Kamil is not only talented programming computers but he is also a very open minded person;
I’ve enjoyed his code reviews and the discussions we had about technology and the best way of solving problems.
He is always trying to improve things and pushes others to do the same.

Martin Cespedes, Senior QA / Scrum Master

Kamil is a great person and he makes the every day work easier.
He has great capacity for analysis and he is always willing to help and learn new things.
His knowledge on backend dev is outstanding.
A definite asset on any company.

Pablo Penén, Senior Frontend Developer

Kamil is a great developer and an excellent team-mate,
I felt very comfortable working with him as a great backend / frontend team.
He is an excellent professional with a great knowledge.

Miguel Paolino, Senior Software Developer

Kamil is a very detail-oriented developer with strong technical and analytic skills.
He was the cornerstone of our backend team, he built most of our code base with great speed and quality.
He always kept the team focused on what’s important leading the technical discussions in the right direction.
He’s great to be around, a team player and more importantly an awesome person.

Fabian Vallejos, Senior Frontend Developer

Kamil is a extremely talented developer and I was very lucky to work with him.
He’s a true hacker and brilliant class A programmer, his style is a pleasure to read.
He is friendly, outgoing and always has a moment to help address customer concerns.

Francisco Guijarro, Javascript Developer

Just a great developer and a great team member to work with.

PHP and UI/Front-end Developer


September 2013 – December 2013 (4 months), Remote

Backend and frontend application for Percona Cloud Tools

  • JavaScript, single-page application written in AngularJS
  • asynchronous requests and notifications through WebSockets
  • metrics data graphed with HighchartsJS
  • tests written in Jasmine and run by Karma
  • Symfony2 modular REST api
  • MySQL and TokuDB as storage with Doctrine as ORM,
  • long-time processing handled with message queues and workers
  • message queues implemented in RabbitMQ (php-amqplib/rabbitmq-bundle)
  • workers implemented with Symfony and Supervisor as worker control system
  • tests written using PHPUnit framework

IT Manager

FarmaProm Polska

October 2011 – November 2013 (2 years 2 months), Kraków, Poland

Development of pharmaceutical platform www.FarmaProm.pl and delivery new solutions to pharmaceutical companies.

  • introducing agile methods (scrum, kanban) into company (“Professional Scrum Master I” since 29th may 2012)
  • improvement of the team so that everyone could be satisfied with his role and will deliver professional software without delay
  • managing tasks and workflow
  • supporting developers, IT administrators, testers and other IT specialist in delivering new solutions on time
  • verifying and accepting critical pricing
  • technical support for sales department in contact with clients
  • reacting in emergency situations e.g. application crashes
  • recruiting new IT specialists Additionally:
  • improve the process and modifications flow by designing production and development environment: branches hierarchy in SVN (stable, release and integration branches; feature branches; hotfix branches), automatic merges between branches, integration with redmine issue tracking system, integration with jenkins (continuous integration), web application actualization process (shell/php), automatic reports of deployed modifications
  • verification and protection of business critical application components (e.g. protection against race conditions or data duplication)
Michal Gorski, Hadoop Developer

I would like to say that Kamil is a Programming Jezus.
But it might be offensive. Offensive to Kamil.
Because he’s not going to wait three days to resurrect your dead code.
If you have Kamil in your team it will be done unto you even before you ask.

Team Leader / Senior PHP Developer


December 2007 – October 2011 (3 years 11 months), Kraków, Poland

Development and maintenance of pharmaceutical platform www.FarmaProm.pl.

  • leading php developer team
  • coordinating work between teams (php, android, windows mobile) when this was necessary (e.g. modifications request which require work in multiple teams)
  • accepting, pricing and coordinating commissions from client
  • deploying new software versions
  • technical support for client in contacts with his clients (pharmaceuticals companies and wholesales)
  • designing key modifications (from changes in application engine to modifications operating on critical data e.g. companies and wholesales financial data)
  • designing, managing and optimizing large databases (hundreds tables, tens of gigabytes of data, hundreds millions records)
  • providing monthly financial settlement of the closed tasks for client
  • highly available, especially in breakdowns or when critical fix were required The development work worth mentioning:
  • implementation and maintenance of web services (rest, soap) for mobile solutions (Windows Mobile, Android OS)
  • communication with external services (own solutions based on xml, xml+xslt, text files, http request)
  • integration with Oracle Business Intelligence (conversion from relation model to star schema)
  • debugging, testing, optimizing php/sql/js code, improving application usability
Kris Kovalik, Hacker, Software Developer

Kamil is well skilled and very sane developer.
At the time he successfully kept restrained our biggest,
really huge project and made sure that his team does the job well.

PHP Developer

Krakowskie e-Centrum Informatyczne

July 2007 – August 2007 (2 months), Kraków, Poland

Summer job, and my first professional experience

  • head developer and designer of ticket/issue tracking system
  • developer and designer of companies database for sales department
  • creation, development and maintenance of existing software (CRM, Website Builder and others)

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